Agnitio had decided to outsource the bulk of the iOS development work to Poland so I was tasked with the job of mediating between them and the product owners to manage expectations. A knowledge of the iOS development process is critical when designing user experiences for the iPad. An understanding of Appleā€™s Human Interface Guidelines meant that I was able to work effectively with the developers and guide them appropriately and confidently.

We also had developers working on a Windows Surface version of the Engager so I had to research the app development guidelines and wireframe a radically different version of the app that worked for the Windows specification.

Once the UX work was completed I documented style guides (for both iOS and Windows) and provided the iOS team with a component kit they could use to build the UI. Working as a designer/developer hybrid means I can coordinate and deliver robust, skilfully engineered software that still looks great.


Agnitio proudly launched their Rainmaker suite on-time for the first time in their history to rapturous acclaim. The software continues to be developed and Agnitio are happy with the results.