Brief were impressed with our previous campaigns for Channel 4 News and Eurostar and wanted to create a real-time campaign of their own. As a company that provide offers at the last minute they wanted to broadcast these deals quickly and creatively across the XTP network. They also had a brand new poster campaign that they were very proud of and wanted us to compliment its unique aesthetic.


We provided Lastminute with a suite of templates that ranged from simple headlines, social, and live map. The CMS allowed them to quickly create live posters based on latest deals, and publish them to the digital screens within minutes.


As with all the templates we created for the Live Posters there is always a challenge working with dynamic text. What if the text is too long? How does it resize? In this case we also had a rather interesting 3D extrusion effect on each block of text that had to be drawn programmatically based on the metrics of the text as it is rendered. I developed a custom component to handle this and the result was worth it.